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Галерея "Арт Инсайн" имеет честь представить совмесный Украино-Российско-Норвежский проект "Малиата"...
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About gallery

Works of art are not only witnesses of creations of the human spirit that hold potential energy and cultivate kindness, reason, and love as well as honouring immortal and imperishable beauty of nature and life.

It is the Gallery "Art-lnsight" where you can’t find all masterpieces in the offered art collection - it has only their part. We hope that you - admirers, fans and strict judges of the beautiful will find subject which is near to your aspiration and ambition. Most of you will be conquered with its purity and sincerity, all palette of its artistic means.

Your souls and hearts will be deeply touched with its strings which sounds will be native and close to you and will accompany you during life journey.

There are cranes high in the sky, strict lines, graceful evenness and determination of which can be only compared with activity of art museums and galleries – flashy stars on the sky of our culture. And the more numerous and rich these constellation are, the lighter and brighter our life is, the more tangible and rhythmical its pulse is.
The gallery believes in benevolence of Kyiv inhabitants and feels their friendly support and in its turn opens the doors wide to guests.